Maui wedding video services

Wedding Video Services

Precious Maui Weddings' videographers use the latest commercial quality camera equipment to capture your most memorable Maui beach wedding. Both groom and the minister will have wireless lavaliere microphones. All finished edited DVD's will include opening scenes of Maui, your choice of music with three to four song selections, titles, and special effects.

Jon & Lauren's Wedding Video

Paul & Evelyn's Wedding Video

John & Tiffany's Wedding Video

Chadwick & Lisa's Wedding Video

Molokini Package
This edited video package includes a DVD with opening scenes of Maui and selections of music, that covers your ceremony and post ceremony and up to 2 hours of service. Price:$600

Maui Package
This video package includes an edited DVD with opening scenes of Maui and selection of music, that covers your ceremony, post ceremony and reception highlights with up to 4 hours of service. Price:$1,100

Unedited Video Service
This will cover your ceremony only and the mini DV will be handed to you at the end of your session.

Additional DVD's are also available with each Maui wedding videographer. Prices will vary between each videographer. Please contact us for prices and additional DVD's. As an option if you are budget conscious, we would be happy to provide you with one of our coordinators to assist with shooting your ceremony with your video camera that you provide for a fee.

Please note: prices will vary between each Maui wedding videographer and are subject to change.